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CoinPayments is an industry leader in low payment gateway processing fees

CoinPayments - Our Fees

CoinPayments is an industry leader in low fees.. Our current fees are:
Payments/Commercial Activity
Incoming Payments - To Balance (funds go to CoinPayments Wallet)1 30.5%
Incoming Payments - ASAP/Nightly (funds are forwarded to external address)30.5% + coin TX fee
Commercial Deposits (Callback Addresses created with our API)0.5%
Transfers (off-blockchain sends to $PayByName tags or email, etc.)0.5%
Wallet Service
Personal Deposits (Addresses made on the Your Wallets page or Deposit Addresses retreived with our API)First 15,000 USD equivalent monthly: FREE
After that: 0.5%
Conversionscoin TX fee + conversion partner's fees (if any)
Withdrawalscoin TX fee2
1: Due to their architecture some coins have to be moved on the blockchain even for To Balance mode and the TX fee is deducted from those payments.
2 We currently subsidize Bitcoin withdrawals so you pay a flat TX fee of 0.00040000 instead of the full TX fee. This only applies to wallet withdrawals not Conversions/Payments/Commercial items.
3 Payments with supported Ether Tokens have a 1% fee due to our additional overhead to support them. Payout modes which require conversions also have an additional 0.1% fee. Due to increased Ethereum prices we have had to implement a variable fee to help subsidize gas costs, this amount is added to both the order total the buyer pays and the payment fee so as a merchant it may look like you are paying more than a 1% payment fee, however the fee you are paying is the same.