Industry-Low Fees

Current Fees are:

Payments/Commercial Activity*
Incoming Payments - To Balance (funds go to Wallet)1 30.5%
Incoming Payments - ASAP (funds are forwarded to external address)2 30.5% + coin TX fee
Incoming Payments - Nightly (funds are forwarded to external address in one nightly batch)30.5% + coin TX fee
Commercial Deposits (Callback Addresses created with our API)0.5%
Transfers (off-blockchain sends to $PayByName tags or email, etc.)0.5%
Wallet Service*
Personal Deposits (Addresses made on the Your Wallets page or Deposit Addresses retreived with our API)First 15,000 USD equivalent monthly: FREE
After that: 0.5%
Conversionscoin TX fee2 + conversion partner's fees (if any)
Withdrawalscoin TX fee2
*All services provided by Hodltech OÜ or its partners
1: Due to their architecture some coins have to be moved on the blockchain even for To Balance mode and the TX fee is deducted from those payments.
2 We currently subsidize Bitcoin sends so you pay a flat TX fee of 0.00040000 instead of the full TX fee.
3 Payments with supported Ether Tokens have a 1% fee due to our additional overhead to support them. Payout modes which require conversions also have an additional 0.1% fee. Due to increased Ethereum prices we have had to implement a variable fee to help subsidize gas costs, this amount is added to both the order total the buyer pays and the payment fee so as a merchant it may look like you are paying more than a 1% payment fee, however the fee you are paying is the same.

Current Coin TX/Withdrawal Fees

Bitcoin (BTC)0.00040000
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)0.00300000
Litecoin (LTC)0.00600000
Velas (VLX)0.00000500
Velas (Old Chain) (VLX.Old)0.01000000
Apollo (APL)3.00000000
The Advertising Currency - Articles (artTAC)0.00116609
Permission (ASK)0.00080000
Badcoin (BAD)0.01000000
The Advertising Currency - Banners (banTAC)0.00116609
Bytecoin (BCN)0.15000000
Beam (BEAM)2.00000000
BNB Coin (Mainnet) (BNB)0.00037500
BNB Coin (BSC Chain) (BNB.BSC)0.00100000
Bitcoin SV (BSV)0.01000000
Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)0.01000000
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)0.00120000
CloakCoin (CLOAK)0.00030000
CommonsOS (Mainnet) (COM)0.00100000
Crown (CRW)0.00060000
CureCoin (CURE)0.00030000
Dash (DASH)0.00300000
DigiByte (DGB)0.00300000
Divi (DIVI)0.00030000
Dogecoin (DOGE)12.00000000
eBoost (EBST)0.01500000
EurekaCoin (ERK)0.01000000
Ether Classic (ETC)0.00100000
Ether (ETH)0.00400000
Electroneum (ETN)0.30000000
Firo (FIRO)0.03000000
FLASH (FLASH)3.00000000
Groestlcoin (GRS)0.00030000
Komodo (KMD)0.00300000
Lisk (LSK)0.10000000
Litecoin (Waves Token) (LTC.Waves)0.00070000
Latinio (LTN)0.01000000
The Advertising Currency - Magazines (magTAC)0.00116609
The Advertising Currency - Outdoor (outTAC)0.00116609
OduwaCoin (OWC)0.01000000
Oxen (OXEN)0.01000000
PIVX (PIVX)0.00030000
Qtum (QTUM)0.01800000
The Advertising Currency - Radio (radTAC)0.00116609
Resistance (RES)0.03000000
Ravencoin (RVN)0.01000000
SB Coin (SBC)0.01000000
SmartCash (SMART)0.06000000
The Advertising Currency - Social (socTAC)0.00116609
Syscoin (SYS)0.00600000
The Advertising Currency - Traffic Exchange (teTAC)0.00116609
TokenPay (TPAY)0.03000000
TRON (TRX)0.20000000
The Advertising Currency - Television (tvTAC)0.00116609
Ucacoin (UCA)0.01000000
The Advertising Currency - Video (vidTAC)0.00116609
The Advertising Currency - Viral Mailers (vmTAC)0.00116609
Vertcoin (VTC)0.00300000
Waves (WAVES)0.00100000
WincashCoin (WCC)0.01000000
Xaurum (XAUR)0.50000000
NEM (XEM)4.05000000
Defis (XGM)2.00000000
Monero (XMR)0.01000000
Ripple (XRP)3.00000000
VERGE (XVG)0.30000000
ZCash (ZEC)0.00300000
Horizen (ZEN)0.03000000
Zynecoin (ZYN)0.00100000
CasinoCoin (Old Chain) (CSC.Old)3.00000000
Litecoin Testnet (LTCT)0.00100000
1 Due to their architecture some coins (non-UTXO) have to be moved on a per-address basis. If a withdrawals has to be sent from more than one address the TX fee is deducted from each individual send.
2 This list doesn't include gas fees needed for coin types that need another coin for gas such as ERC20 tokens needing ETH or Omni Layer tokens needing BTC.